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Restaurant “EuroAsia”


Lunch  Special  

           Soup of the day and your choice of:  

1.    Chicken kebab sandwich with French fries salad       

2.    Turkey breast salad with French fries  

3.    Chicken salad   

4.    Pelmeni  (Russian style dumpling) 

5.    Vareniki  (Russian style flat shaped dumpling with potato filling) 

6.    Chebureki with cucumber and cabbage salad  

       (Russian style flat fried dunplings with chicken)

7.    Cucumber and cabbage salad with 2 samsa

       (Baked pastry with beef and lamb)

                                            One soft drink is included  

                                     Tu-Fr  12:00PM-17:00PM

17209 Ventura Blvd. Encino, CA 91316         (818)205-9311 
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